Made it to Copenhagen afterall.
Thank u so much for having us, Thomas Palmen !



We're playing underneath the palmtrees of Copenhagen,
with Shrimpi PALMISTRY Boy.
Can't wait for this little reunion at the Jazzhouse!


Happy 2016 everyone!

We'll :

- Rotate our favourite records at Bagger on 14th of the Jan.
- Play at The Sound of the Belgian Underground, AB, BXL, 31th of January.
- And on the 6th of February we'll play a show at Nose Job, Beursschouwburg, BXL
alongside Syracuse and our favourite dj Nosedrip.


De Notengalm speelt Mittland och Leo

On the 14th of November an amator accordeon orchestra (De Notengalm) with
20 accordeon players will play our music during Exposed music in Antwerp.
Curated and arranged by Aarich Jespers.

We just witnessed a rehearsal. Amazing.
A little more practice and they're ready to go.


Boobie Island

Sejerøfestival on Denmark's beautiful island was amazing.
We played at the local Diskotek and had a blast throughout the whole festival.
Thanks for having us Thomas & Julie, Emil, Simon and Troels.

Mittland Och Leo 2 from Sejerø Festival on Vimeo.